Friday, May 20, 2011

KYS Multimedia Students treated to a Storytelling session at the Sabah Muzium

KYS Animation and Multimedia Students were treated to a Storytelling session at the Sabah Muzium on May 12, 2011 in conjunction with the month long celebraton of Craft Exotica 2011 organized by the Sabah Muzium. The Storyteller was the President of the Malaysian Historical Society Sabah Branch, Datuk Hj Light who had done three Storytelling at Kolej Yayasan Sabah Animation Studion before this. A fourth Storytelling is scheduled in June 2011 for the new intake at the KYS Multimedia and Animation courses. The Storytelling at the Sabah Muzium was about the Cocos Islander Community, one of more then 30 ethnic groups in Sabah. The students, teachers and the public were later treated to a light refreshment given by the Sabah Muzium.

KYS Animation Centre Won The Creators Challenge 2010 Prize

Despite its amateur status KYS Animation Studio proved itself a force to be recognized in Animation and Multimedia. It won a RM50,000.00 prize from MSC Malaysia in the Intellectual Property Creators Challenge 2010 Competition in the national capital recently. That is what animation is for; intellectual property and creative content.

Do You Know How To Draw?

Someone asked how they could enrol in the Animation courses. Well KYS has two types of courses; a Certificate Course and a Diploma Course. You make the choice. Normally you must have passed SPM with 3 credits. If you have less credits but have the passion on such courses feel free to visit KYS. You may just be able to go in and do the Certificate course first.  KYS is recognized as a model Animation Centre in the island of BORNEO. You are most welcomed to contact KYS at the Sembulan Campus (nearby the State Mosque in Kota Kinabalu and next to JKR and Federal Building).

Third Animation Studio at 1-BORNEO

KYS is in the process of setting up a third Animation Studio at 1-BORNEO, Menggatal to increase the intake of students to 300. The Studio should be ready by June 2011. KYS now has two Animation Studios in Sembulan including one which provides a Diploma course in Animation and Multimedia in collaboration with UniKL.

Visitors from Negara Brunei in KYS Multimedia Centre

A group of trade visitor from Negara Brunei Ministry of Commkunications led by its Permanent Secretary, Dato Paduka Haji Alaihuddin Taha came visiting KYS Multimedia Centre on May 20, 2011 to forge a working relationship with Kolej Yayasan Sabah. On hand to meet them was the CEO, Dr. Dayang Aminah Ali and the other staffs and Datuk Hj Light, a Board Member. KYS is glad to accept students from its neighbor as it did for Sarawak to its Welding courses including sending 8 of them to further their education at PERDA Butterworth for a year.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Animation House No. 2 at Sembulan

Kolej Yayasan Sabah is better prepared now with the opening of its second Animation Centre also at Sembulan, bigger space and 20 students are now enrolled to take up the Diploma in Animation course. Make an appointment with the college if you want to visit this Animation Centre.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Second Storytelling

The future got to hear another Storytelling from Datuk Hj Light Nanis, this time on Tagal, SiBabag as well as the story about the origin of the Momogun including Nunuk Ragang, Pampang Nabalu, Tompod Tana and Lumaag Nabalu. The date was March 24, 2010 and the time 10.30 am. held at the KYS Animation Centre.

It was the story on Tagal that they loved most and Tagal is about a community activity that prohibits the catching and killing of the fishes from the rivers and culminates in an annual festival normally held in April and May during the dry season and just before the Harvest Festival which begins in early May.